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Defect Checks for New BTO. How is it?

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It’s inevitable for newly built HDB flats to have defects. While some may be serious, others like hairline wall cracks might go unnoticed. Though you may be eager to start renovations, it’s wise to carefully inspect your new home to prevent inconvenience later. After all, all new HDB flats come with a 1-year defects liability period (DLP) from the sale date. So, why not take advantage of your warranty?

Below are the items on the checklist to watch out for when inspecting for defects:

1. Confirm that your keys open the appropriate doors smoothly – Do all keys, including the one for your letterbox, operate correctly?

2. Activate all lights – Ensure none are faulty or burnt out. Additionally, check electrical sockets for signs of rust and cracks when plugging in the LED (Remember to activate utilities upon receiving your keys).

3. Activate taps, faucets, and shower – Check for any sink or floor trap blockages. Flood the floor to assess drainage efficiency.

4. Flush toilets – Monitor water tank refill time and ensure there are no blockages.

5. Examine all water pipes for leaks.

6. Keep an eye out for ceiling leaks – Renovation activities by neighbors living above could trigger them.

7. Assess water quality – Look for particles or cloudiness in the water.

8. Test all windows to their full extent – Ensure they operate smoothly and securely. Check that handles and locks are tight and easy to use.

9. Tap each tile with a coin or marble – A hollow sound means there might be a problem with the tile that could cause it to come loose later. Check that tiles are level with each other and look for any scratches or stains. Use masking tape and a marker to mark any defective tiles.

10. Look for cracks or uneven walls – Make sure any skirting boards are level too. Uneven walls can cause issues when placing furniture.

11. Examine the gap between the door frame and the wall – It shouldn’t be wider than 5mm. Ensure the door is parallel to and aligned with the wall. Additionally, look for any warping or stains on the door.

You’re finished! Take pictures of every problem and mark them with tape and markers. It’s better than relying on memory, especially if there are lots of issues.

Important: Don’t give your keys to BSC staff. Use a bike lock or padlock on your front gate.

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