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Why is It Important to Get a Defects Check for Your New House?

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Are you about to receive the keys to your new house soon? Besides setting up SP services, are you aware of the importance of identifying defects for your house? Developers are obligated to address any defects during the 12-month Defects Liability Period (DLP). Not sure if a defects check is worth it or too much trouble? Your perspective will likely shift after reading this blog, as it highlights just how crucial it is to inspect your new house for defects.

Defects check saves money

You might believe that inspecting your house for defects is going to cost you a lot, but it can save you money in the long run. Finding and fixing defects during the liability period is essential to avoid major issues.

Many homeowners begin renovating their new houses after moving in. This can result in disputes with developers over who is responsible for defects discovered during renovations. So, it’s best to wait until the developers have addressed defects before starting any renovations. Want your renovation plans to go smoothly? Think about inspecting your new house for defects beforehand!”

Defects check is easy

Do you know that hiring professional inspectors can make the defects check easy? They will identify defects and submit your checklist to the developers. Then, a joint inspection with the developer and homeowner takes place to review the identified issues. After the rectification works are completed, they will inspect together with the developer to ensure compliance with BCA and industry standards.

Professional inspectors act as neutral go-betweens for homeowners and developers, preventing conflicts when reporting defects. They also guide homeowners and facilitate defect resolution through mutual agreements.

Homeowners should understand that having a completely defect-free house, even after repairs, isn’t possible. Perfection doesn’t exist in this world. Opting for a defects check service helps identify and focus on major issues, saving future repair costs.

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