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What is House Defect Inspection?

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House inspection is crucial once you get a key to your property. In fact, it should be your top priority in the checklist before moving in. 

What is House Defect Inspection?

In Singapore, the law allows a 12-month period to fix any defects in new properties at no extra cost. House defect inspections thoroughly check your property for issues like uneven paint and cracked ceilings, ensuring your home’s safety. While you could do this yourself, given the significant investment in your property, it’s unwise to take the risk of overlooking problems that can affect your property’s value.

Neglecting house defects is a disadvantage because these issues naturally worsen over time, leading to higher renovation costs. For example, water leaks can damage walls and lead to mold growth. Cracks, stains, uneven surfaces, leaks, and electrical problems can also get worse. After the liability period ends, you’ll have to pay for repairs yourself, and the problems may have become even costlier to fix.

Types of House Defect Services 

In Singapore, numerous defect inspection services are available. Here are a few of them.

  1. Inspection Services for New Residential Properties

This service, designed for new properties, thoroughly checks everything from roofs, windows, doors, walls, cabinets, to electrical and plumbing systems. It protects your rights during the Defects Liability Period, making sure the developer fixes any property issues.

2. Inspection Services for Commercial Units

The commercial unit inspection service lets you focus on your business, ensuring your property is in good condition and environmentally safe. It offers a detailed report to both the property owner and tenant to avoid confusion and disputes at the end of the lease, making sure the inspection suits the business’s needs.

3. Inspection Services for Sub-Sale Properties prior to Purchase

This service is for secondary purchase units sold before completion. It mainly looks for common defects, helping you decide if the property is a good investment. It also provides a clearer picture of the property you plan to buy by highlighting any defects or safety concerns.

4. Post defect inspection services

If you want to inspect your property after defect repairs, this service is designed for you. It checks for defects, whether they were present before or after the repair work. This service offers peace of mind by ensuring that the rectification work has been effectively carried out and that your property is in good condition. It provides you with a thorough assessment, helping you make informed decisions about the state of your property and its overall quality.

Why is Important to Have a Defects Check for Your House?

A house defects check is a necessary examination of a home’s structure and condition, typically done during real estate transactions by a certified professional home inspector. Their responsibilities may vary by location and industry, so choose an inspector licensed in your area.

For homebuyers, a house defects check is crucial to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure a fair purchase price. It also confirms the property’s maintenance and functioning systems, providing peace of mind. This inspection reveals information about your home’s key systems and age, aiding in property valuation. A professional assessment can save you from future costly repairs and assure your home’s safety and condition. When in doubt, hiring a professional inspector is a prudent choice.

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