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Uncle Defect SG – 8 Flooring Defects You Should Know About

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Many homeowners underestimate the importance of maintaining their floors. Yet, floors are among the most frequently used parts of a house. It’s crucial to inspect them carefully for defects. Here are some common flooring issues to look out for.

  •  Cupping or warping of hardwood floors

You might think that careful installation and adhesive would prevent this, but nature has its own plans. Wood naturally warps and dents. You’ll notice it when the edges of tiles bend upwards, creating raised edges. This happens because moisture is absorbed underneath, making it expand while the top stays the same size, causing a raised “cup.”

The good news is, this issue is usually seen mainly on hardwood floors. If it’s minor and depending on the material, you might fix it with sanding. But for a complete fix, you’ll need to remove the affected tiles, dry the moisture, and then re-tile.

  • Levelness

Uneven flooring is a major concern, not just in older homes but also in new condominiums. It’s often caused by foundation settling or shrinking floor joists. I was surprised to find this issue in some newly built condos—it was glaringly obvious!

  • Sloping

You might feel a slight slope when walking on uneven floors, but it’s not always a big problem. In older houses, floors can slope toward the center without serious issues. But if the slope is all to one side, especially in a house with a yard, it could mean trouble with the structure or foundation. Keep an eye on one-sided sloping floors and investigate further. Difficulty opening doors or windows for no reason could be a sign of foundation problems. If you live in a multi-story home, check the floor below for signs of the cause. In apartments, ask your downstairs neighbor for permission to look at their ceiling.

  • Floor tiles

Loose tiles are often found in floors with ceramic tiles, along with cracks in the grout. This is usually because of poor workmanship, like not using enough adhesive or applying it incorrectly. Other common problems with floor tiles include dirty joints, uneven grout color, stains like oil or chemicals, uneven tiles causing lippage, cracks from fragile ceramic, chipping, adhesive not holding, and tiles that don’t match in color.

  •  Squeaking

Squeaky wooden floors are usually caused by poor installation of the subfloor or movement in the finish. A contractor can easily fix these issues. Squeaks can also happen under carpets if the subfloor wasn’t properly glued or nailed during installation. The challenge is that squeaks under carpets can go unnoticed by inspectors because the carpet muffles the sound. So, pay extra attention when walking on carpets.

  •  Vinyl tiles exhibiting swelling or bulging.

Moisture underneath can make vinyl tiles bulge or pop up, and stains are a sign of this. Linoleum and laminate floors can also be affected. Fixing this can be costly, so it’s important to address it properly from the start. If your house is under warranty, have the developer fix it.

  •  Damaged floor near exterior doors

This floor area gets a lot of wear and tear, so it’s no wonder there are often issues here. It’s usually because of water exposure from rain, snow, humidity, and lack of maintenance.

  •  Flooring bending in the middle.

This problem begins with how the house was built. Without a gap around the edges, the floor can’t expand when it gets hot. So, it rises in the middle, creating a slight hump.

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