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The Benefits of Hiring a Home Defect Inspector

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“Got your keys and all set to begin your interior work?”

Spend a few minutes reading this post and save yourself potential future hassles.

Staircase, Wastafel and Drainage Hole

Here’s what you need to know!

After any construction work is completed in your flat, the developer is no longer responsible for rectifying defects. They may assume any issues you report later weren’t there when they handed over the unit, and this could lead to disputes that are hard to resolve.

While you can find checklists online, they may not cover all defects. Identifying all of them is tough without the right knowledge and experience, and this oversight can lead to costly repairs later on. Some interior design firms now offer free defect checks, which might sound good. However, many of these “Design Consultants” lack the technical expertise and knowledge of regulations related to defective work. They may also be hesitant to push for fixes from the developer, as they’ll be doing your interior work and want to maintain a good relationship throughout the process.

It’s highly advisable to hire a professional to inspect your house after receiving the keys, activating your utility services, and just before starting your renovation. This cuts down on disputes with the developer about defects.

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