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Property Defects Check in Singapore

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After getting your keys, the next step is to check for defects in your property. Fill out the HDB feedback form listing the defects and submit it to the Building Services Centre (BSC) within seven days or before starting renovations. The HDB officer will give you the form when you collect the keys; if not, ask for it.

You can hire specialized companies for the defects check or do it yourself. If you decide to check for defects yourself, involve family and friends for a more effective inspection. Lastly, do a final round of checks on your own.


  1. Lock
    Secure your main gate to prevent unauthorized entry. Give the HDB officer the combination or keys for contractor access during rectification.
  2. Flashlight
    Illuminate dark corners, especially in the bathroom, where phone light may be insufficient.
  3. Phone Charger
    Verify if electrical sockets are functional using a phone charger.
  4. Bucket
    Pour water over kitchen, toilet, and service yard floors to check sloping and drainage. Use water from the service yard tap, ensuring the water supply is on with the lock in your letterbox.
  5. Tapping rod/Pole/Coin
    Tap tiles to find hollow spots. Contractors often observe hollow sides in tiles. If it’s a minor issue, you may choose to overlook it, as replacing the tile could lead to noticeable differences due to variations in tile batches.
  6. Pen/Markers
    Use these to detail defect types on the feedback form and tapes.
  7. Notes/Tape
    Essential for marking defects.
  8. Camera/Camera Phone
    Capture photos of defects and the positions of tags around the house to document unresolved issues.
  9. Rags/Towels:
    Use these to wipe off stains; if a defect persists after wiping, report it.


  • Do floor tiles have scratches, chips, or a hollow sound?
  • Are there tiny cracks on walls and ceilings?
  • Does water flow to the floor traps in the kitchen, toilets, and service yard? There shouldn’t be puddles of water after some time.
  • Is there water seepage on walls (check on a rainy day)?
  • Test all HDB-provided keys for the main door, gate, and letterbox.
  • Ensure smooth opening and closing of the door and gate without screeching sounds.
  • Inspect for loose or malfunctioning mechanisms, such as a keyhole that is not tight and shifts when opened with keys.
  • Examine the door, gate, lock, and knob for scratches, cracks, rust, or other defects.
  • Check the main door peephole for proper installation. Is it dusty or grainy when viewed through?
  • Verify proper alignment of the door and gate, noticeable through the padlock hole.
  • Check for molds on the door magnets and ensure they can stick well.
  • Do the windows lock securely?
  • Do the windows open and close smoothly without screeching?
  • Are the locks and screws properly installed and tightened?
  • Is there any rust on the frame, hinge, lock, or screws?
  • Are there scratches, bubbles, or chips on the glass panel, frame, or other window parts?
  • Are there cracks, scratches, or stains on the basin, toilet bowls, and seat covers?
  • Do toilet bowls flush effectively?
  • Do toilet seat covers flip up and down smoothly?
  • Does water flow well from taps and shower heads?
  • Are taps rusty or faulty? Does the sink stopper work?
  • Are there roach eggs or insects breeding in the toilet cistern or beneath the floor traps?
  • Confirm switches can be turned on and off properly and that switch panels are correctly installed, as logos may be upside down.
  • Check power points with a phone charger or plugs.
  • Inspect electrical, SCV, and telephone outlets for cracks, scratches, molds, etc.

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