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Inspecting Defects in Your New HDB Flat: A Comprehensive Guide

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Conducting Defects Inspection for New HDB BTO Flats: Prompt Assessment upon Key Collection, Reporting Defects within 30 Days.

Gearing up to collect your fresh BTO flat keys? Before you celebrate the joy of moving in to your new flat, conducting a defects inspection is a very very important step that every home owners cannot miss out. Make sure your future home is defect-free and ready for you to move in. Don’t let hidden defects spoil the excitement.

Defects inspections, what is it about?

Even though HDB conducts quality inspections during the construction phase, minor defects or slight imperfections on surfaces, fixtures, and/or fittings might still be present. No need to worry much, as new HDB/BTO flats come with a warranty that covers the 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP), starting from the moment you receive your keys.

After getting your keys, you have 30 days to note any issues before starting renovations. Not doing this defects inspection might make it hard to figure out if there is any problem came from the construction or renovation, causing confusion about who should take the responsibility and fix it. Like what mostly people says, prevention is better than cure. It’s better to get it inspected now to avoid any unexpected things happened once you move in. Repairs usually take under 2 weeks. To keep your renovation plans on track it’s a good idea to talk about repair details with the Building Service Centre (BSC) staff.

How to do a simple DIY defects check?

Without the help of specialists, it’s pretty easy to check the defects on your own. You might notice small imperfections such as color variations of your floor tiles or timber floor, as well as variations in tile grout sizes. These are considered pretty normal and common as it is the nature of the materials used and the construction process.  We will share you few tips about what you should watch for during the DIY defects check.

Step 1: Getting ready for defects inspection

What are the things you need to prepare for a defects inspection?

  1. All the keys for units and letterbox access.
  2. Pen or pencil, and paper.
  3. Post-it notes or painter’s tape: To label items that requiring fixing or rectification. Please take note! Do not use masking tape to avoid sticky residue or peeling paint upon removal.
  4. Mobile charger: To test the electrical sockets.
  5. Tapping rod: For checking hollow tiles.
    P.s: You can also borrow the item from BSC too!

Step 2: Getting ready for the defects inspection

Defects inspection covers these 4 key areas. Go through your flat systematically, label defects with tape or notes, and list them. Use this guide during your inspection!

Note: The warranty for all new BTO flats lasts for a year from the key collection date, during the 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP). After getting the keys, homeowners have 30 days to report any defects before starting renovations

  • Door and Windows
    – All keys, handles, latches, and flush bolts function smoothly.
    – Easy to open and close. When closed, frame and panel should align.
    – Surface finish and joints appear even.
    – Window rubber seals fit properly.  

Tips: Apply oil to hinges for smoother door and window movement.

  • Electrical and Plumbing
    – Toilet bowl flushes and refills properly.
    – Electrical sockets are aligned and tidy with uniform joints.

Tips: Using your phone and charger to test all the electrical sockets. Use the clutch key from the letterbox for water supply in the riser. Have a screwdriver ready just in case needed.

  • Surfaces (Walls, Floors, Ceiling)
    – Surfaces finishes, color tone and joints are consistent from 1.5 meters away.
    – No irregularities or unevenness.

Tips: Slight tile color differences are common.

  • Fixtures and Fittings
    – Tap and showers have smooth water flow and drainage without leaks or water accumulation.

Tips: Test the taps and showers. They have to be water-efficient in order to not waste any water.

Step 3: Schedule a combined inspection with BSC staff

You can either do it online or get in touch with the Building Services Centre (BSC) at your BTO project site. They will review your reported items and then organize the necessary fixes and a final closing inspection with you.

After your defects inspection for the new HDB BTO flat is finished, you’re ready to begin your home renovation!

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