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Initial Property Defect Inspection for Owners

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Congratulations on your new home! If it’s a brand-new BTO, condo, or a house from the developer or HDB, you probably have a one-year defects warranty. When you get the keys, it’s crucial to check for defects before moving in or starting renovations.

Upon the developer’s readiness to hand over the unit, they will issue a Notice of Vacant Possession to you, the buyer. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. The developer is legally bound to deliver the unit to you by the specified date in the Sale & Purchase Agreement
  2. It is essential to conduct a thorough inspection of the unit as soon as you take vacant possession to ensure there are no defects.
  3. If you discover any defects during the defects liability period, the developer is obligated to fix them at no cost to you.
  4. To address defects and claim the cost of rectification work, buyers should adhere to the procedure outlined in the Sale & Purchase Agreement.
  5. To expedite the rectification process, purchasers can assist by providing specific details about the defects that need to be corrected.

What exactly is a defect?

When you take possession of the unit, be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any problems. In the Sale & Purchase Agreement, a “defect” means any issue in the unit due to poor workmanship, materials, or not following the specified Agreement.

If you’re dealing with units in a strata subdivided housing project, the term “defect” also includes issues in the common property and housing project. If you’re unsure about defects in the unit, common areas, or the housing project, it’s a good idea to ask the developer for clarification or consult with a professional.

What is a Defect Liability Period?

The developer must repair any defects in the unit, common areas, or housing project within 12 months from either:

  • When they hand over the unit to you.
  • 15 days after you’re notified that the Temporary Occupation Permit is issued and the housing project’s infrastructure work is complete, whichever happens first.

If you find defects during this period, follow the Sale & Purchase Agreement’s procedure to ask the developer to fix them.

What are the procedures of a defects checking?

If you discover defects:

  1. Write down the issues and ask the developer to fix them.
  2. You can choose to inspect the issues together with the developer. In any case, the developer must repair the defects within one month of receiving your notice.
  3. If the developer doesn’t address the issue within a month, notify them in writing that you plan to hire someone else for the repairs. Provide an estimated cost and get a written quotation.
  4. Only include the defects you previously told the developer about in your notice. If you find a new defect, start at step 1.
  5. Allow the developer an opportunity to fix the issues.
  6. If the developer doesn’t resolve the defect within a month of your step 3 notice, proceed with the repairs and request reimbursement from the developer for the expenses.

For a smooth rectification process, the buyer should:

  • Clearly list the defects for the developer to address.
  • Attend scheduled appointments with the developer or contractors.
  • Inform the developer in advance of any new, unmentioned defects.
  • Clear the repair areas of obstructions to facilitate the process and protect belongings. Both the buyer and developer should document the rectified defects in writing.

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