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How to Inspect Your BTO for Defects

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You’ve got the keys to your new BTO flat in Singapore and are probably excited to start renovating. But before hiring contractors to make changes, it’s important to check for defects. Finding them early means they’ll be fixed by the HDB developers, no matter your flat’s size. With our interior design experience, we’ve helped many homeowners. Here, we share tips for spotting HDB BTO defects to keep your home sturdy for years.

Checking Your BTO for Defects

When you get the keys to your new BTO flat in Singapore, you’ll receive a Defects Feedback Form. Get extra copies and inspect thoroughly. You can hire professional inspection companies for efficiency, or if you prefer, inspect personally but remember to take photos and be careful.

What Type of BTO Defects to Look for?

1. Flooring

To check flooring, tap tiles to detect hollowness and look for stains, cracks, or loose tiles. For parquet, inspect for scratches, levelness, and consistent color.

2. Electrical Wiring

Ensure fittings, power sockets, and lighting are properly aligned and functional. Consider hiring a certified electrician to check for faulty wiring.

3. Walls and Ceilings

Inspect walls and ceilings for stains, cracks, and unusual marks. Watch for mold stains as they could indicate leakage.

4. Doors, Gates, and Windows

Check for defects like poor touch-ups, gaps between frames and walls, and rusty hinges. Test everything from peepholes to door and window locks.

5. Plumbing

Test faucets for security and check for leaks by turning off valves and monitoring the meter for running water.

When is the Best Time to Check?

A helpful tip for spotting HDB BTO defects is to inspect during rainy days and at night. Rain can expose water-related issues, while nighttime makes imperfections more visible. Remember, you have seven days to report defects to the Building Service Centre (BSC), and there’s a 12-month Defects Liability Period for further repairs if needed. Make sure all issues are fixed before starting your remodeling project to stay within budget!

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