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Here’s What to Keep an Eye On When Inspecting a Resale HDB Flat

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The wait for a BTO flat can be long and frustrating, leading many young Singaporeans to consider the resale route as an alternative. However, being well-informed is crucial to avoid scams or ending up with a subpar property. To help you make a wise decision, here’s a comprehensive checklist for inspecting a resale flat.

Visual Appearance Defects

When inspecting the flat, keep an eye out for visual defects that might suggest a rushed job. This includes uneven paint, wall irregularities, and bubbling laminates. Don’t hesitate to move furniture away from the walls to check for hidden defects.

Windows Condition

Windows in older HDB buildings may need maintenance or replacement. Lubricating sticky windows is a simple fix, but rust can be a safety concern. Keep in mind that window replacement can be costly.

Worn-out doors

Check if all the doors in the flat close properly. Wooden swing doors are easy to fix unless there are signs of termites. Squeaky handles usually just need oiling, but repairing sliding and folding doors can be more challenging. If there are glass doors in the house, inspect the panels for scratches and damage.


Be mindful of the floors in the frequently used areas of the home. Damaged tiles in the kitchen and bathroom can be expensive to fix. Check for furniture marks and water damage on wood and vinyl floors. If you don’t like the flooring but it’s in good shape, you can overlay it, so there’s no need to worry.

Spoilt or Broken Appliances

Test all the main appliances in the resale flat to make sure they’re functioning properly. Pay close attention to the built-in appliances like the fridge and oven. Even if you plan to replace them, it’s important to check if the existing ones are working, as problems could indicate larger electrical or gas issues in the flat.

Damaged electrical points

While it might appear minor, it’s crucial. Review the location of power outlets throughout the house to ensure they suit your needs. Check for charging spots in the bedroom, and confirm if the kitchen and living room have enough outlets. Inspect the power outlets to ensure they’re not loose or damaged. Additionally, test all light switches for proper functioning. Rewiring the flat, if necessary, could be quite costly, potentially running into several thousand dollars.

Water issues

Activate the water heater, wait a few minutes, and check if there’s hot water in the kitchen and bathrooms. Test water pressure and drainage, and inspect sink pipes for leaks. Flush the toilets to ensure there are no plumbing issues after moving in.

Check humid areas of the house like the bathroom, kitchen, and service yard for water damage and mold inside cabinets. Focus on the bathroom ceiling, as it’s susceptible to mold. Small amounts of mold and mildew can be removed, but widespread bathroom infestations are concerning. Be aware that prior owners may have painted over mold to hide it. If you notice differences in paint color, uneven textures, or peeling paint, it’s a sign of a concealed problem.

Cabinet and Storage units

Check every cabinet and cupboard from top to bottom. Look at the hinges for rust, mold, termite signs, and water damage. Watch out for sagging doors, which are common in older flats. While repairs are usually affordable, the costs can add up if multiple cabinets have problems.

As you explore the resale flat, imagine your dream home and assess the needed changes. Be mindful of structural walls that cannot be removed, and determine if your desired layout is feasible. Some affordable units may need costly renovations, so consider spending a bit more on a flat that better suits your vision and reduces renovation expenses. Also, think about the flat’s future resale value. Unique layout features may appeal to you but could hinder resale down the line.

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