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Guide to Checking Your New HDB BTO Flat in Singapore for Defects

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Getting the keys to a new HDB BTO is exciting, but before moving in or starting renovations, check for any problems. Since HDB doesn’t cover repairs after the 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP), fix any issues quickly. Renovating before addressing defects can cause problems like loose tiles or flooding, which are hard and costly to fix.

Discovered a problem? Report to HDB

Good news! All new HDB flats have a 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP) from the key collection date. If you see any issues, report them within a month of getting your keys and before starting renovations. HDB usually takes about two weeks to fix the problem. If your renovations can’t wait, HDB will handle the defect during or after the works.

1. Reporting Issues

You can report issues online or offline. If you can’t visit the nearest Building Service Centre (BSC) to submit your feedback form, you can do it online. Defect feedback forms are usually included in your Welcome Kit. Just describe the issue and feel free to ask for extra copies if you need them. It’s handy to have backups!

2. Inspection Steps

After you report defects to HDB, the BSC organizes a joint inspection to confirm the issues and assign a contractor for repairs. Once repairs are done, they schedule a closing inspection with you. It’s important to double-check everything during this final inspection to avoid overlooking anything.

3. Prepare Utilities Before Inspection

Before checking your new place, ensure your utilities are active. This lets you test electricity and water supply (toilets, taps, etc.). Without working utilities, you can’t test things like electrical sockets or plumbing.

Defects Checks!

Defects can be dangerous, so keep these four points in mind during an inspection:

1. Check Wiring and Plumbing

Ensure plumbing and wiring are in good shape. Look for properly installed pipes without rust or water damage. Test electrical outlets to make sure they work and are grounded.

2. Inspect During Rainy Days

Leaks and water stains may only show up during heavy rain. If it’s raining during your inspection, check for water seepage or leaks from window frames.

3. Search Everywhere for Defects

Look all around for issues. Test water faucets, electrical sockets, and switch covers to ensure they’re securely installed.

4. Check Flooring for Problems

Look for scratches, chips, and hollow spots on the floor. For parquet flooring, ensure it’s level and undamaged. Use a marble or coin to check for hollow tiles in tile flooring, as they can cause problems later on.

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