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Few Things to Take Note During a Defects Checks

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Getting the keys to your new home is an incredibly exciting moment in life, but before you start celebrating, there are important tasks, like getting your property for defects check. Under the Housing Development Act (HDA), homeowners have a 12-month Defect Liability Period (DLP) to carefully check for defects or faulty workmanship. Any issues must be reported to the developer for resolution.

Although many homebuyers know the importance of inspections, there are few things you must NOT do during the defects check. Below are few things that you have to TAKE NOTE:

1. Never overlook the Sale and Purhase Agreemet (SPA).  

Some buyers feel misled and deceived when they see the completed unit doesn’t match with their initial impressions or offers right before they decide to purchase the unit. Many are attracted by the developer’s showcase finishes and assume they’ll get the same.

Differences between what you expect and what you get can cause disappointment and frustration when you move in. It’s crucial for buyers to carefully review all aspects of the property and consult the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) to ensure they have a clear understanding of what they are purchasing. Conducting thorough due diligence can help buyers make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

2. Always ensure you’re well-prepared for the inspection

Lot of new homeowners might overlook essential issues that require rectification, potentially leading to more significant future problems if they carry out the defects check on their own. Property investors especially often do only some simple inspections of visible defects. Many property owners, who lack technical knowledge, tend to focus on visible aspects they can see and touch, neglecting what’s hidden from view, like floor or wall tiles, ceilings, cables, and pipes.

Property inspections involve more than just identifying visible faulty workmanship; they aim to uncover the root causes of major defects to prevent superficial repairs. For example, checking the water meters can reveal potential water pipe leaks. Experts suggest that homeowners doing their inspections should have basic technical knowledge and essential tools, such as a ladder, a long screwdriver, a flashlight, a power point tester, and a DIY checklist. This proactive approach not only ensures a thorough inspection but also empowers homeowners to address potential problems early, saving them time and money in the long run.

3. Don’t damage the property

You can request the developer to address defects, but remember, it’s your property, and avoid any destructive actions that will only cause more damage to your property.

During a defects check, use removable masking tape or stickers to mark defects instead of resorting to spray paint or marker pens. If you discover issues with the flooring, such as hollow or cracked tiles, use removable stickers, not further damage. Taking photos or videos with your phone to document defects is also a good way to show the problems to the developers.

4. Don’t be careless

Some property investors or owners assigns agents to handle their new property keys and list units for rent or sale, often without personally viewing or inspecting them. For example, foreign buyers living abroad may authorize agents to perform a basic visual inspection for defects, while others skip the inspection entirely, hoping the property will sell quickly within the Defects Liability Period (DLP), allowing the new owner to handle the inspection and deal with the developer.

However, neglecting a thorough inspection can impact the property’s value, as potential buyers may request price reductions or opt for a different unit if they notice visible defects. Taking these precautionary steps can contribute to a smoother and more transparent property transaction process for all parties involved.

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