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Defects check before buying a resale HDB flat

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Buying a resale HDB flat can improve your quality of life with more space and better amenities. But watch out for defects from unauthorized renovations, wear and tear, or damage. We’ll go over what to look for during inspection and give you some tips.

What comes before anything else?

HDB prioritizes public safety by thoroughly inspecting for unauthorized renovations that may compromise the building’s stability. While HDB flats are typically well-constructed, safety remains paramount. If any illegal renovations are discovered, HDB will notify you. If you proceed with the purchase, you accept responsibility for any alterations made to the property. It’s crucial to understand the implications, as you’ll be accountable for the condition of the building or unit after the transaction is completed.

Walls and ceilings

As you move around, check the walls and ceilings for cracks, bulges, wet spots, and discoloration. Ask about any repairs done by the current owners, especially if there were attempts to seal cracks. Older HDB units might have pipe leakage from neighboring units, so consider this when deciding to buy. Don’t wait until after purchase to find water leakage from next doorโ€”it’s expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Check your flooring!

When examining the flooring, also pay attention to any loose tiles or boards that may need repair. Take note of any areas where the flooring feels spongy or gives underfoot, as this could indicate underlying issues with the subfloor. Additionally, look for signs of water damage or mold, particularly in areas near sinks, toilets, or windows. It’s essential to thoroughly assess the condition of the flooring to ensure it meets your expectations and doesn’t require costly repairs or replacements in the future.


It’s important to pay close attention to kitchen cabinets because they’re regularly exposed to oil, heat, and moisture, which can cause damage. Check them for functional problems, cracks, missing shelves, handles, and any strange smells or growths. Also, thoroughly examine other wooden structures, especially in dark corners, to make sure there’s no mold or unusual growth.

Doors and Windows

To keep your windows and doors in good condition, make sure they work well. Move them back and forth to check if they swing smoothly. Look for rust and ensure they can be locked and unlocked easily. Also, make sure windows close tightly to keep out rainwater.

Toilets and Sanitary

Watch for cracks in sinks and toilet bowls. Check the corners of the toilet where walls meet the floor or ceiling for mold or mildew buildup. If you see mushrooms growing in the toilet, be cautious. While they’re not harmful, their presence indicates a serious moisture issue that could lead to more dangerous mold growth, especially for people with respiratory illnesses.

Electrical Fittings

Check the electrical wiring thoroughly because it can be very dangerous if it’s faulty. Inspect all power points, switches, air conditioning units, ceiling fans, and lights for any issues like blackened points, non-working switches, or loose plugs. These signs suggest the wiring is old and might need a complete update during renovations.

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