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Can we use masking tape to label the defects?

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Many homeowners make a common mistake when using free defect checklists and tips available for download online by opting for white masking tape to mark issues. You might wonder why not use it? It’s convenient, easy to tear, provides a writable surface, adheres well to walls and floors, and, most importantly, it’s affordable. Who doesn’t appreciate affordability, right?

Certainly, you have a valid point! However, there are some other considerations to keep in mind. Using these tapes can lead to the nightmare of peeling off the paintwork, as shown in the image below for reference.

Okay, we might have exaggerated a bit, but our point is valid. Tapes with weak adhesive can gradually remove paint when taken off, and in our hot and humid climate, they can also leave tough adhesive stains.

When labeling house defects, it’s recommended to use painter’s masking tape or painter’s tape. This type of tape is designed for temporary labeling and won’t damage the paint or leave adhesive residue when removed. It provides a writable surface and is easy to apply and remove, making it ideal for marking and identifying issues during home inspections or defect checks.

Investing in 3M Painter Tape and 3M Post-it may seem a bit costly compared to other competitors’ products, as it is typically 6-7 times more expensive. However, it offers excellent adhesion to various surfaces and leaves no adhesive residue, making it the most suitable choice for labeling and identifying issues.

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