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BTO Defects Inspection Guide: 5 Key Areas to Review in Your BTO Flat (Includes Free Checklist!)

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HDB offers a 1-year Defects Liability Period for new BTO flats. During this time, homeowners can report any issues for free repairs. Remember to report defects within a month of getting your keys and before starting renovations. Otherwise, you might lose warranty coverage.

Here are five BTO defects you should keep an eye out for and add to your checklist:

1. Walls and Ceilings

Carefully check walls and ceilings for cracks, stains, and lines. Even small cracks may indicate problems, so use a magnifying glass for a better look. These issues could be caused by poor paint or plastering. Larger cracks might signal more serious structural problems like weak foundations.

Stains on the ceiling may suggest leaks, which can be costly to fix. HDB will fix problems like uneven paint or minor damage, so make sure to report them. Take your time to inspect your new home thoroughly for any flaws.

2. Doors, gates, windows

Make sure your doors, gates, and windows open and close smoothly without any noise. Test their strength by shaking them. Check that keys turn easily in locks and hinges are clean. Look for scratches, chips, or uneven surfaces. Windows should be crack-free. Handles should work properly. If your door has a peephole, make sure you can see clearly through it without any problems. This is important for safety.

3. Flooring

Look at the floors—wood, laminate, or tile—for scratches, hollow spots (tap each strip), uneven colors, bumps, or stains. Hollow spots could mean bad installation, stains may show water damage, scratches or bumps might be from poor work or after installation, colors that don’t match could be from different batches, and bumps might be from bad work or a not-flat floor. Watch for gaps between wood or laminate, or listen for squeaks when walking, which might mean they weren’t put on the floor well. Make sure the tiles have clean grout. Check for no gaps, chips, or different colors between the floor and wall base.

4. Plumbing and electrical works

Fixing plumbing and electrical issues can be a headache, often involving wall demolition. So, check them carefully.Look for stains and rust near valves, pipes, and under cabinets. Pipes should be in good condition. Test for leaks by turning on the water, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Inspect electrical outlets for damage. Test them with a phone charger. Loose wires suggest bad electrical work.Consider hiring a professional to inspect hidden areas for peace of mind.

5. Toilet and sanitary fittings

Let’s be honest: the toilet is a crucial part of the home. Check it for stains, cracks, leaks, or clogs.Flush it a few times (with colored water, if it helps) to ensure it works well. Also, test the seat and cover for any noises and proper installation. Inspect sinks, taps, bidets, and showers for problems. When off, there should be no leaks. When on, water should flow smoothly without noise or spluttering.

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