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6 Signs Your Home’s Electrical Wiring May Be Faulty

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Old, damaged, or poorly installed wiring can be very dangerous. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that electrical fires caused about 440 deaths and 1,250 injuries each year from 2012 to 2016, along with $1.3 billion in property damage annually. Be vigilant for these signs of faulty wiring to keep your home safe.

WARNING: These signs are for inspection only. Don’t try to fix electrical problems yourself. Call a local IBEW/NECA electrical professional for help.

  • Keep an eye on circuit breaker trips in your home

Monitor circuit breaker trips at home. They’re meant to cut off power during overloads. Resetting is usually enough, but frequent trips may signal wiring issues or too many high-energy devices. It’s important to investigate further if you notice this happening regularly to ensure the safety of your electrical system and home.

  • Watch out for wiring that’s frayed or chewed

Damage caused by rodents, pets, or amateur repairs is a significant safety concern, as it can result in electrical shocks or fires. If you observe frayed or chewed wiring, it’s vital to take immediate action by contacting a licensed electrical contractor. They can thoroughly inspect the wiring, replace any damaged sections, and assess for any additional issues to ensure the safety of your home. Leaving such damage unaddressed could lead to further complications and increased risk of electrical hazards.

  • Feel your home’s electrical outlets for warmth or vibrations

If you sense warmth or vibrations from your home’s outlets, it could indicate underlying wiring issues. These signs are potential hazards and should prompt immediate action to ensure electrical safety. Contacting a qualified electrician for inspection and repairs is crucial to prevent electrical accidents and maintain the integrity of your home’s electrical system.

  • Look for discoloration, scorching, or smoke around your home’s outlets

These signs indicate potential wiring damage and heat release, which can cause further harm if ignored. If you notice any discoloration or scorch marks on your outlets, it’s crucial to address them promptly to prevent any electrical hazards. Ignoring these signs could lead to more severe issues, including electrical fires.

  • Use your sense of smell to detect potential electrical problems in your home

If you detect any burning, smoky, or strange smells around outlets or the electrical panel, take it seriously. These odors could indicate electrical problems or fire hazards. It’s essential to contact a qualified electrician promptly to assess and address the issue to prevent any potential danger.

  • Watch and listen for signs like flickering, buzzing, or dimming lights

These signs suggest potential issues with your electrical system that shouldn’t be ignored. Ignoring them could lead to safety hazards or damage to your home. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s best to contact a qualified electrician to assess and address the problem promptly.

Faulty wiring often results from installations by untrained individuals who prioritize cost over safety. Despite cheap prices, these installations can pose life-threatening risks. When selling your home, inspectors may find non-code compliant installations and wiring hazards, requiring professional repairs.

Furthermore, it’s important to regularly inspect your home’s electrical system for any signs of defects or issues. This proactive approach can help identify potential hazards early on and prevent accidents or damage in the future.

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