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6 Key Points for HDB Homeowners to Ensure a Smooth Defects Checking Process

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In the journey of homeownership, being well-informed is key to ensuring a smooth and secure experience. With this in mind, we have carefully compiled a list of 8 quick facts that every HDB homeowner must know. This comprehensive guide is designed to facilitate the proper and timely execution of the HDB flat defects checking process, providing valuable insights for a more confident homeownership journey.

#1. Initiate the process of defect checks immediately upon receiving your keys!

Addressing defects promptly not only expedites the initiation of your renovation but also guarantees timely resolution. Swift action minimizes potential complications and allows you to enjoy your upgraded living space sooner. Proactive engagement in the defect reporting process empowers you to create a home that meets your expectations, enhancing your overall satisfaction with the renovation journey.

#2. The Defects Liability Period (DLP) lasts for one year

During the Defects Liability Period (DLP), which lasts one year for new BTO flats from the key collection date, homeowners can request corrections for any unfinished or defective aspects. Reported defects are usually addressed within 14 days by the contractor. After the one-year DLP, homeowners are responsible for engaging the contractor to rectify any remaining issues.

Ensuring that these specific issues are covered by warranty provides homeowners with added peace of mind. The 5-year warranty for ceiling leaks in critical areas like toilets and kitchens, as well as for water seepage from external walls, ensures a reliable safeguard against potential damages. Additionally, the extended 10-year warranty for spalling concrete reflects a commitment to the long-term structural integrity of the property, assuring homeowners of lasting protection and support.

#3. The Building Services Centre (BSC) is situated on-site within the Defects Liability Period (DLP) for every HDB project site.

The Building Services Centre (BSC) serves as a temporary office for defect reporting. Upon reporting defects, the BSC oversees the rectification process. Alternatively, you can submit rectification requests online. The BSC is in place until the end of the Defects Liability Period (DLP).

#4. Make sure to report and rectify all defects before starting any renovation activities.

Defects check before the renovation initiation not only avoids disputes but also ensures a smoother and more efficient home improvement process. By proactively handling any issues beforehand, you set the foundation for a seamless renovation experience, allowing you to focus on enhancing your living space without interruptions or complications.

#5. Defect rectification times can vary.

After reporting defects, the BSC will inspect and fix them. Simple issues may take a few days, while complex ones could take weeks. After the fixes, there will be another inspection to confirm completion.

#6. It’s a good idea to check for defects on rainy days and at night.

Addressing these issues promptly ensures a healthier living environment and prevents potential long-term damage to your property. By conducting thorough checks after rain and during nighttime, you contribute to maintaining the quality and longevity of your home. Early detection and resolution of such concerns are key to enjoying a comfortable and well-maintained living space.

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